My first shoot for Sotheby’s… which nearly couldn’t happen.


This was my first events for Sotheby’s, the oldest and largest internationally recognised firm of fine art auctioneers in the world. It has a global network of 80 offices and the company’s annual worldwide sales turnover is currently in excess of $4 billion and I was invited to their preview sale. I also nearly did not make it…

I did not have my flash with me due to a late request from the photo editor there for me to photograph an event. It also does not help that I was so far from home- Sussex to be exact shooting an interiors shoot. I had to turn down the offer. However, LUCKILY, the Viscount there (yep-deadly serious) was a bit of a photography fanatic and had one for me to borrow! I called Sotheby’s straight away and was elated when they said they still needed me. The photographs for the event went down so well and I am booking in my fifth for them now… SUCCESS.











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